So what does a person need to start something?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.*

Laozi/Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 64

Welcome to my blog!

Every beginning is difficult. For a few years now I have been collecting topics and resources for this space. And I didn’t start writing. Looks like I can procrastinate too!
Now. In my opinion, self-flagellation doesn’t help, so I’d rather blog right away.
And today, I would like to gather a few thoughts on the topic of starting.

Coming back to this blog to translate it into French, after writing it first in German and then in English, I now realize where this word comes from in French, to which I had never paid attention:
Démarrer” is to drop or rather “break” the moorings …

“Ropes away!”

So what does a person need to start something?

First of all, they need the required resources as well as good timing and an opportunity. Luck plays its role in all of these as well. And as Joe Poyer once said: “Thorough preparation makes its own luck.”

The required resources

This a boat, but…

In some projects, the effort may be underestimated, so we stumble. The contrary happens as well: resources to do something may be overestimated and we don’t dare to start. It is often difficult for us to recognize when we have everything we need to get started.

It helps a lot to remain aware that based on our initial assessment, these “required” resources for a project always fall into one of these 3 categories: not enoughmore than enough, or just right. Our assessment is sometimes pessimistic, sometimes optimistic, and at times realistic.
Being optimistic makes us take more risks. When more pessimistic, we tend to be safer than safe. It is easiest to start with healthy realism. However, the time must also be ripe for getting it going.

Good timing

You too probably witnessed or experienced this in the past: the idea was brilliant, but the implementation came too early or too late. Resistance to change was too great still, or someone else had already successfully shared this innovation with the world. However, if we remain attentive and recognize the right moment for our idea to unfold, one suitable opportunity is almost all we then need to make it happen.

Not too late, not too early.

An opportunity

Then it’s about seizing it and making something out of it.

We often can afford to miss out on some opportunities, because we seldom get only one chance in life to try to do something. However, the earlier we get on the metaphorical train, the more likely it is that we will move forward. Who knows how many more trains will bring you into the right direction?

Good luck and good preparation

Nothing works fine without luck. But we can make sure to stand just a bit more on the lucky side. In fact:

If we envision our idea as vividly as possible, we can better keep focussed on it and work towards its realisation with more determination. Our whole being will also be striving for it unconsciously, since most of the “thinking” happens in the back of our mind anyway.
Those who regularly take a moment – maybe 5 minutes a day – to contemplate their vision, as concretely as possible, spark their imagination and can more easily consider very tangible aspects of the project. They will be better prepared. A so-called “vision board” seems to work wonders for many as an anchor for thoughts and as a target to aim at.

It tends to be more effective to focus on what we plan to do briefly, but more often and on a regular basis, than to only deal with it a few times a year for extended sessions. Give it a try!

So what gets you going?
What are you yet to experience in your career or in general?
What do you need to get there?

Do you need support in making your vision more tangible? Translate it into a plan? Develop a strategy to implement your idea? I look forward to hearing from you.

Good to know!

To get started you need:

  • enough resources
  • good timing
  • a fitting opportunity
  • a pinch of luck
  • good preparation

I wish you a good start!

Photo by Gia Orison Unsplash

千里 之 行 , 始於 足下。 – Qiān lǐ zhī xíng, shǐ yú zúxià.
(“A journey of a thousand miles begins under your foot.”)