The goal? Progress.

In our daily work there are moments when we feel stuck in a bottleneck, on a siding or in a dead end. The way out or perspectives remain elusive.
Sometimes though, it is enough to step aside, to briefly deviate from the well-trodden, familiar paths to discover new ways. It is often helpful to have someone tag along who can lead you out of this situation:

By listening, mirroring, questioning, encouraging, and also by walking one through the situation for a bit of the journey. Both in the figurative and in the physical sense.

I would like to accompany you on this trip and set out to new shores helping you make the first, second and perhaps the last step towards them.

As the Spanish poet Antonio Machado y Ruiz wrote
(before this thought was mistakenly attributed to others like Nietzsche or Kafka):

“The road is made by walking.”

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