Me, your coach?

Selfie at Pico del Cielo
“On top of things”. Sometimes.

It can be difficult to find suitable counselling service. This is partly due to the sheer number of different approaches and coachs available. And: “coaching” can mean a lot of things. In the counselling context, it just means consulting really. So, I have to admit it is not a particularly helpful term.
Often it means individual supervision, sometimes team work support, and in the best case:

to accompany the person / s to be advised,
to get clarity about the best solution to a problem
and to bring about desired changes.

Nevertheless, “Coaching” can mean anything nowadays. “Coach” is not a protected profession.

There are tons of training and certification classes that promise to make a person a “Soandso™ Coach”. However, like in so-called “agile” approaches to project management, coaching is not successful when the “actors” play their role “by the book”. But if

understanding of human beings, empathy,
communication skills and experience
are brought along.

I would like to use my experience and skills as long-time manager, trainer, team coach / Scrum Master – also in distributed teams – and consultant in staffing and organizational development matters – primarily in IT and sustainable development – “out there” more.
Especially while walking.

These days that work can unfortunately only be done remotely. But nature won’t run away. We’ll get there eventually! 🙂

So if you are looking for new WAYs of thinking, a WAY out, or you just want to strike a new PATH, I offer to be your TRAVEL companion.

I look forward to your message.

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