Andere über mich.

„I can highly recommend coaching sessions with Celine! With her approach, you don’t get any ‚ready to go‘ answers, but she guides you to help you get the answers yourself. ‚Tell me- I forget, involve me- I learn‘. Celine enabled me to change my way of thinking and I will definitely use her help in the future.“
Olga Maria Kowalska

„Céline Dedaj helped me in the process of reorganising my personal scheduling and organisation. This happened both in personal and online session, which were equally great. Céline’s idea of having this conversation while walking through a park is a really strong one and is perfectly moderated. Céline has a strong way of asking questions and giving you precisely the feedback you ask for, while pointing out improvements and flaws you might have missed. Céline made the process about thinking about my personal ToDo reorganisation enjoyable and fun, while never shying away from pointed and hard questions. Book a trial session!“
Florian Gilcher

„Céline helped me with her coaching ability to change the focus in my CV from my career in the international Music Biz to my new Agile Live (According to my real live). Together we established the process of how we can work together in a creative way, so that I can start thinking outside the box. Thank you, Céline, I’m so happy with the fantastic result!“
Barbara Hallama

Céline hat unseren Spaziergang mit ihrer offenen und extrem positiven Art zu einer Reise gemacht, die nachwirkt. Oft treffen ihre Analysen ins Schwarze und sie schafft es, zu motivieren und neue Wege aufzuzeigen. Ich bin froh, dass Céline diesen Weg mit mir gegangen ist.
Frank Lymann

„I found these sessions very beneficial for my well-being and for making relevant progress.“
Till Richter